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26. & 27. August 2023


8 Participants


Dog Photography Workshop Belgium

The main aim for this dog photography workshop is to show you my way of taking dog portraits and photos of dogs in bigger landscapes. I want to show you why also shorter focal lengths are worth to use and why sometimes a different perspective than taking the photo at the eyelevel of the dog can be the right choice to create the photo you have already in your mind. The theory will equip you with all necessary informations for the practical parts. I will share with you my experience over the last 10 years of dog photography in different photo sessions, were we will take photos of a nice variety of dogs. During the post processing I will show you the most important basics of Photoshop, how you can advance your photos with easy editing steps and how you can give them some kind of fairytale look. 

The workshop is hosted by lovely Katja from Goldendogphotography. 

.create your artistic vision. 

Make visible, what never have been perceived without you. 

Robert Bresson

Content Workshop 

Meet the Host 

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Katja Goovaerts – Golden Dog Photography 

Katja is a professional photographer from Belgium and also a dogmom of two Golden Retrievers and a Bernese Mountain dog. Animals, especially dogs, always played a major role in her life. At the age of 12 she already discovered her passion for photography. 

You want to see more of her fabulous work – take a look at her website: GoldenDogPhotography.

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