If I would write down all my thoughts about the project I am not sure if the space would be enough…so I try to introduce the project briefly 🙂

The last years travelling played a less important role in my life. But this year I rediscovered travelling for myself. In the year 2018 we went twice times to South Tirol and once I travelled with a great friend to Bavaria. These adventures filled my soul and made my eyes sparkling until today. So many breathtaking places are not far away….you easily can visit them during a short trip….just a few days are enough to discover them. Often time and money are missing….but the travelling with car and sleeping in it, dont need that much time and money. So a big dream developed….to visit with my own dogs as many places of Europe as possible and create with photos memories for eternity. The project “Adventerdogs across Europe” was born.  First I wanted to realize the project just with Finn and Yuri…but I noticed quickly that there are some places, which I can never visit with my own dogs. Like Iceland.  Furthermore  the bigger travels like Norway or Sweden are too time consuming and more expensive….so just one such big travel would be possible every year, or even every two to three years.  So I decided that also other dogs should join the project….should have the chance to be part of it. Its a little bit sad that it is quite impossible to realise the project just with my own dogs, but its also a great chance…now I really love the idea to take photos of different dogs in many amazing landscapes of Europe, meet new photographers and take photos together, meet new dog owners and learn more about the culture of other countries. At the moment it seems like to be not just a simple photo project anymore, also an exchange between photographers, a get to know of dog owners and a sharing of great moments with awesome people 😀

But certainly the aim is to show images through dog powered adventures across Europe. My hope is that these photos will inspire other people to fall in love with dogs and the beauty of nature. The outcome will be a calendar for the year 2020 and hopefully someday  for a book of the “Great Adventuredogs across Europe” or an exhibition.

How it will work?

I will tell you the trips we will made with the dogs. On each trip I will offer the opportunity for a shooting. Moreover I am already in contact with people from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden … who want to help me to organize some shootings in their region.

I already teamed up with amazing Kjara Kocbek Animal Photography. She will help me to organize everything in the North of Slovenia. <3

The first trip will start in spring 2019 to Slovenia, with stop near Ceršak. The final destination in Slovenia will be Triglav.

Quite sure also an amazing photographer from Russia will join the project with her dogs and maybe she will accompany me on a trip <3

Please feel free to contact me to collaborate. If there will be enough people in your region who are intersted in a shooting or even workshop…maybe I can also visit your place.

My email: anne_geier@hotmail.com

Let´s realize the project together! Cant wait to meet you 😀